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We design, plan and execute custom consumer research. We develop strategies and products. We hustle.  

Why? We believe there's virtue in industry. In a profession where we're all consumed by the biggest idea, the freshest insight or the latest technology, it's easy to lose sight of what really matters: getting out there, meeting the challenge face-to-face and diving deep under the surface. 

Why Nacho Industries? Well, we named it after the dog. 

our model

Flexible, Custom, Fast


We like to think we’ve got an advantage over everyone else: our small size. 

Because we don't have a huge staff, we build a custom approach and team ideally suited to the task at hand. 

Sometimes that means we work alone. Sometimes we bring a small army to the table. Either way, it's seamless to the client and the job gets done. 



While we've worked in most categories at this point, we have specific expertise in...


Food & Beverage

Home improvement

Package GOods



We count ourselves lucky to have worked with some of the world's most remarkable brands. 

Who we are

Jake Baldridge

Founder and Strategist

For Jake, it's always been about how it works, how people think and why the world is the way it is. Before he came to advertising and brands, Jake wanted to be a naval architect, an English professor and a professional cook. Working in this field seems to have satisfied all three ambitions.

Jake got his start in advertising at Rivers Agency in Chapel Hill, NC while still at UNC. After moving to New York, Jake managed food, beverage, alcohol and automotive brands at DDB New York and StrawberryFrog. Jake found his passion when he got the opportunity to help rethink the Heineken USA portfolio strategy in 2009. 

Not satisfied with simply "managing" the business, Jake got the opportunity to move to North Carolina and fully devote himself to the crafts of brand strategy and consumer research. 

Jake founded Nacho Industries in 2012. In the last year, he's helped attack some unique challenges for clients in the US and around the world:  

  • Explore ways that a major US cable operator could deepen and improve relationships with existing customers 
  • Understand the motivation and methodology of Millennial travelers via triad and dyad interviews 
  • Articulate the patient journey of disease sufferers via professional in-depth interviews
  • Ethnographic research into the habits, motivations and barriers impacting people's health behaviors in a small rural community

Kristina Baldridge

Partner and Strategist

Kristina loves asking questions and believes “noodle” is both a delicious food and an excellent verb. She loves geeking-out on unexpected topics and has a deep dislike for jargon. 

Prior to joining the research and strategy world, Kristina spent 12 years developing public relations programs for the financial and fintech industries – as well as a few haunted houses. She loved dissecting the alphabet soup of financial slang and breaking it down so that real humans could understand. She learned to explain what an alternative investment is (and why anyone should care) and why fluctuations in the Chinese renminbi should matter to your grandmother. 

Kristina made the leap to Nacho Industries after realizing the favorite part of her job had always been understanding how her clients’ businesses work and figuring out how they could work better. Moving from PR to research allowed her to do just that – she has found that understanding human motivation is the foundation for problem solving. Also, she gets to ask lots more questions now.



Former Chief Talent Officer, Receptionist

Nacho Industries was named after Nacho, the 60-pound lap dog. Although no longer walking the halls with us, she had been responsible for morale, talent evaluation and greeting guests with a ferocious bark and an attentive cuddle. The position remains open until the board identifies a suitable candidate.





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